Education has been earmarked as Malaysia’s New Key Economic Area, to spearhead the country’s transformation into a high income nation. The Ministry of Education is committed to building the capacity and strengthening the infrastructure of the Malaysian Education system, with clear strategies outlined in the Malaysia Education Blueprint (Higher Education) 2015-2025, towards strengthening Malaysia’s position as an international and reputable education hub.

Friendly immigration laws makes it simple and convenient for international students to pursue a tertiary education in Malaysia’s network of universities, university colleges and colleges throughout Malaysia.Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS), a wholly owned company of the Ministry of Education, was established as a One- Stop-Centre for international student services.

In managing the One-Stop-Centre for International Student Services, EMGS believes in the continuous upscaling of process efficiency and embraces new technology. Prioritising customer service and transparency in its operations, EMGS has introduced value added services, mobile and online applications that provide convenience, support transparency and echance operational efficiency. EMGS works closely with the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Malaysian Immigration Department and the Ministry of Education towards providing convenient, fast and professional services to global students who choose Malaysia to live, learn and grow.

EMGS’s scope of services include :

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Value Added Services by EMGS

Operational & Technology Excellence

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Enhanced Student Safety & Welfare

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Study in Malaysia

Begin Your Journey with 10 Simple Steps

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  1. Make an Application to Study

    Browse, review, select institutions and programmes of choice and submit an application to study to the institution/s.

  2. Receive & Accept Offer Letter to Study

    If your application is accepted, the Institution/s will issue an Offer Letter to you. If you receive multiple offers, decide on the best offer to accept.

  3. Receive & Accept Offer Letter to Study

    If your application is accepted, the Institution/s will issue an Offer Letter to you. If you receive multiple offers, decide on the best offer to accept.

  4. Apply for a Malaysian Student Pass/Visa

    Once you accept an Offer Letter, the Institution will advice you on necessary documentation and submit the application for your Student Pass on your behalf to EMGS via the STARS online portal. You may track the status of your application online via EMGS website or through the EMGS mobile app.

  5. Obtain the Visa Approval Letter (VAL)

    EMGS will issue the VAL as early as 14 working days, provided all your documents are complete and meet EMGS and Immigration requirements. The VAL will be submitted to your institution.

  6. Obtain a Visa Before You Travel

    International students from Visa-Required Countries must obtain a Single Entry Visa from the Malaysian embassy, consulate or high commission in their home country or the nearest representative of the Malaysian government before entering Malaysia. International Students from Non-Visa Required Countries must submit the VAL to the Malaysian Immigration at point of entry. For details, refer to immigration website, please HERE

  7. Travel to Malaysia

    Ensure you have a valid passport, a Visa (if applicable) and VAL. A representative from your institution will meet you at the airport and assist you with immigration and customs clearance.

  8. Register at Institution

    Register for your programme of study at your institution.

  9. Complete Medical Screening

    Complete your medical screening at approved clinics or hospitals within 7 days upon arrival.

  10. Obtain the Student Pass & i-Kad International Student

    Your institution will submit your original passport to EMGS for endorsement of the Student Pass once your medical report and insurance cover note is submitted and approved. You will also receive the i-Kad International Student – an identity card which is recognised by all law enforcement agencies in Malaysia. Both your Student Pass & i-Kad are renewable every year, subject to your academic performance and proof of attendance in class.

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